Red Spider Hire -  Access Anywhere

Architectural and Surveying Services

Red Spider Hire also specialises in working with Architects and Surveyors to provide access for inspection or investigation where previously it was impossible or costly to go.


Go Anywhere

We have a range of machines that can save you time and money by getting to places difficult or costly to access.   Red Spiders have non-marking rubber tracks,  dual diesel and electric power sources and can go anywhere from shopping centres to going cross country through muddy fields and inspecting under bridges.

Red Spiders are not just for vertical access,   we have a range of machines which can reach up to 15 meters out from a suprisingly small base and with our articulated arms we can go under and up into places you would previously considered inpractical.


Non contact inspections

Unlike other access solutions Red Spiders are self supporting and do not come into contact with the structure you are assessing.  So no damage, no fuss and amazingly flexible.    See the gallery for examples of Red Spider deployments.


Operator provided

Our Red Spiders are provided with qualified, insured operators who can get you where to go when you want to go.


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