Historical Buildings

We understand the importance of conservation and a non-contact approach to access.   We can get to all sorts of hard to reach places without contact with the fabric of the building.    Our Red Spiders have non-marking rubber tracks and will fit through a garden gate.   We can run on electric for indoor use or in noise sensitive environments.  

Red Spiders can operate safely up to 10 meters away from where the base is parked,  this means we only require a small area to work from and then can go up and out over the top of obstacles. 

With a rapid deployment time and a non-contact approach to access we can get you where you need to be quickly and efficiently.  So no matter if it is a quick access job or longer term conservation we can get where we need to be with the minimum of fuss and hassle.  

We are highly exp

erienced at working with churches and other religious and historic buildings and appreciate the requirement for sensitivity when working on site. 



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