• Film Anywhere at Anytime

    Don’t let the location dictate your shots, our Red Spiders can put you or your camera in the perfect place anywhere and any time.

  • Light up the world!

    Take your lighting to new heights and get the perfect look. Red Spiders are the perfect platform for Moon Lighting or Lightning Rigs or let your follow spot follow anywhere!

  • We deliver

    Our Red Spiders can be delivered by 4×4 to site and then their non-marking rubber tracks can take them almost anywhere!

  • Any surface anywhere

    Awkward or difficult positions are not a problem, we can fit through doors and drive through streams. We specialize in going places cherry pickers and scaffolders have nightmares about!

  • Hydraulic Origami!

    We pack a big reach into a small package. Tight spaces are not a problem, our smallest Red Spider can fit through 870mm garden gate yet still reach 15 meters!


Who We Are

Red Spider Hire provides access solutions to areas that would usually require scaffolding or where scaffolding would be impossible or expensive to erect. We are able to access seemingly-unreachable areas quickly, efficiently and cost effectively – it takes 10 minutes for our Red Spider to reach 30 meters in height and it has and has an amazing outreach from the base.. Also due to our non-marking rubber tracks we are able to go off-road and get to places where cherry pickers get bogged down and stuck but can also squeeze through doors and pack the longest reach into the smallest package.

What We Do

Red Spider Hire works closely with Film and Lighting directors, TV Producers, Sound Engineers, Surveyors, Architects, builders, building maintenance managers, Estate Agents, tree surgeons, electricians, photographers, advertising agencies, banner erectors etc providing easy and fast access to areas where scaffolding would normally be required or, in some cases, where ladders or scaffolding are not feasible or where scaffolding would take too long.

The Benefits

Red Spider Hire can undertake work more quickly more flexibly and therefore more cost effectively than when using scaffolding or cherry pickers and we can come out come out at short notice. Our Red Spiders have non-marking rubber tracks and can fit through doorways and narrow places enabling us to truly go anywhere. Red Spider Hire has all necessary insurances and council licenses required for work on the public highway

Red Spider Trades

Red Spider Hire also provide services directly to the public under our banner ‘Red Spider Trades for Hire’ where we supply high quality and experienced trades people using our Red Spider who carry out such work as chimney re-pointing, re-decorating, gutter maintenance, roof tile replacement, conservatory roof cleaning and maintenance etc.

Back from the BSCExpo

 We had a great time at the BSC Expo at Pinewood Studios...

24th Mar
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See Us At the BSCExpo @Pinewood Studios!

Come see us at Stand 52 at the BSC Expo at Pinewood...

16th Mar